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Voip means Voice Over Internet Protocol, and is the routing of voice conversations over the Internet or any other IP-based network. Easier said; you can use your Internet connection to make a phone call. On this website you can find all information about the things you need to get started and which programs you can use to save money on domestic and international calls. Skype, The most popular program for VoIP in Europe is Skype. This software program is for free and enables people to make phone calls between computers that installed this program. It is also possible to make phone calls from a computer to a normal phone for a low rate. Therefore you have to buy credits for . You can also buy a number with Voicemail for EUR 10 per 3 months or EUR 30 per 12 months, its possible to get a number in; Australia, Brazil, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom and the United States. Skype also offers some nice features, skypecasts is the newest invention. These are hosted calls on Skype that up to 100 people can join to discuss on specific topics.

Yahoo! Voice Yahoo Voice is a service offered by Yahoo that is integrated in the instant messaging system of Yahoo. Yahoo Voice can also be used to call to normal landlines and mobile phones.
Google Talk Google talk is a VoIP program that can only be used to call from pc to pc.
Betamax GmbH´Betamax GmbH & Co KG A lot of popular programs are owned by Betamax GmbH Co KG from Germany. They have a lot of different software programs, the only difference between these programs seems to be the rates; the application is similar.
Programs owned by this company are;voipbuster.com, internetcalls.com, netappel.com, poivy.com, sparvoip.de, voipbuster.com, voipcheap.com, voipcheap.co.uk, voipdiscount.com, voipstunt.com, webcalldirect.com, freecall.com and Sipdiscount.
These programs make it possible to call for free between computers but you can also call to normal landlines for a fixed rate of 10 euros per 4 months. For more information about the Betamax company visit our Betamax information page.

What do you need to use VoIP?

You need five things before you can start using VoIP. Remember that the quality of the phonecall will depend on the quality of the software (like Skype) and the hardware (pc, internet connection) you are using.
A computer, minimum requirements; 300 MHz processor, 128MB RAM and a soundcard
An Internet connection, preferably a broadband connection
A headphone or speakers
A microphone
Another possibility is to buy a headset where a microphone is integrated into the headset.
A VoIP software program
Calling with Voipbuster by using a normal phone
There are solutions to call with the Betamax programs by using your normal telephone equipment. For an explanation about the configuration of your equipment